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Motorola CPEi 25725 External Ant. setup questions.

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  • Motorola CPEi 25725 External Ant. setup questions.

    I recently bought the ant. kit for the wixb-175 modem. But as fate has it... lol... my entertainment system tipped over and ended up crushing the modem. I talked to Clear and they sent me out a new one. Only thing is that it wasn't the same modem. They sent me out a CPEi 25725 by Motorola. I know that the pigtail I have most likely isn't the same one I need now and thats where my questions begin. I saw a video on how to open it up and mod the case.. but what pigtail do i need?

    I have everything else BUT the connector from the circuitboard to the cable that runs to the antenna.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Here is information on the pigtail for Motorola modems: