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Looking for a portable antenna for travel.

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  • Looking for a portable antenna for travel.

    I travel a lot and I im running into an issue of reception at some of the hotels stay at. I use a sprint overdrive pro and it has two small antenna ports. Is there a suggestion on a good antenna I can carry with me to get better reception. I need bandwidth when i travel so if i need to carry a tripod and larger antenna i dont care. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Not sure if we have identified and tested out that pigtail yet. Let me confirm that. Glad you are ok with hauling a large antenna since to get any decent amount of gain this is exactly what you need to do. The low profile portable antennas are low gain and as such give you only marginally more than performance advantage than the factory-installed printed antennas.

    Do you have a pic of the ports by any chance. Curious if it uses TS9 as do most new Sierra Wireless modems.