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Clear USB Modem - WiMAX USB Adaptor USBw 25100 What Antenna do I use

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  • Clear USB Modem - WiMAX USB Adaptor USBw 25100 What Antenna do I use

    I have a celltower right infront of my apartment , but still have slow download speeds. How do I improve this speed and what Antenna do I use for my product. Would this Antenna provide a good signal for my Clear iSpot device as well?.
    I was researching this link , but have never setup such an antenna before so needs some help on what would be best for an apartment in my situation. I do have a balcony so I can have an outdoor antenna, but which kind would you suggest. Do any of your kits have step by step instructions on how to setup?.

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    Do you happen to know what your RSS (Received Signal Strength a negative dBm number) and CINR (Carrier to Interference Plus Noise Ratio) is? These are readily available from the CPE/modem. The reason i ask is that if your signal strength and CINR are very good (which would likely be the case if you were close to the tower) then adding high gain antennas would not really help. If for example your RSS is good but CINR is poor it would suggest you have high levels of interference - in this case having a directional antenna might help mitigate against this although this and other network-related causes of low download speeds are not solvable with outdoor antennas.

    Also the USBw 25100 and Clear ispot DONT have external antenna ports so you cannot reliably attach any outdoor antennas to them (the passive/inductive antenna coupler doesn't work too well due to huge coupling losses). If you do switch to a modem/CPE that has an external antenna then note that the antenna you linked has low gain and is usually for indoor applications. The antenna gain is about the same as the integrated pcb antennas on the USB dongles so this doesnt help much. This is typically used for example if you have your CPE/USB in a locked cabinet and just need to have an antenna outside the cabinet where it can pick up a signal.

    Our most popular antenna is the 18dBi directional wimax panel antenna . You can get this as part of a kit here: where you can select the amount of cable you need and optionally select lightning protection (which is strongly recommended if you will mount panel in such a way that it would be prone to lightning strikes).