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Bit the bullet and got a u250

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  • Bit the bullet and got a u250

    So ive been calling clear for awhile since there 4g got close to my area. I live out away from the city a few miles just far enough that not land based internet option exists. So clear had been telling me it wont work where iI'm at even though I'm in the lighter green coverage area and about 1 mile from a tower. Anyways I went to radioshack and picked up a U250 since they give 30 days to try it out.

    I was very happy when my laptop fired up with 3 bars signal in my house. The signal gets considerably stronger outside the house. I'd like to place my cradlepoint in the attic game room since when its there i get optimal wifi coverage for all the comps in the house. I don't know a lot about antennas what kit should I get.

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    Hi, here is a kit that you can work for you:

    Basic generic drawing of a possible setup is here:

    Also you may look at this article that Roque did that explains when you can get away with using just one external antenna:

    I think we are sold out on the 16dBi panel antenna and will not be restocking it. The 18dBi WiMax panel that replaces it will be available later this week or early next week.


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      The tower is about 1 mile away and there is no obstructions from my house to the tower no trees nothing in the area. So I think 1 antenna will work for me. I only need to go about 20' to get to where my cradlepoint will be sitting. I have the modem set up close to a window but not great los to tower and I'm getting cinr 8 and the other signal is -85, that give me around 2 meg down. I ordered the kit before i read you said out of stock although i didn't see anything in the store about being out of stock.


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        Let us know how everything turns out for you.


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          Well I got the package yesterday with the 18db antenna since you guys were out of the 16. I set it all up and now I'm able to get 4 bars inside my house and my bandwidth has all most doubles from 2mb to 4mb down. I might be able to get even more performance with some tweaking of the panel.