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  • 4g at last

    I went from no signal inside of the house to awsome 4g with a 16db panel sitting on a ladder in the driveway. I was planing on installing it on a 20 ft tv antenna but now I am starting to wonder if just putting it on the eave of the house will be good enough. The signal is at 78% and the cnir is 15. Any thoughts?

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    Good to hear! If your signal is already good enough at the eaves then you are right you don't necessarily need to mount it on the roof. You could use a wall standoff or a j-pipe or any other such mast.

    One advantage of keeping it below the roof line is that you are less prone to a direct lightning strike especially if you already have other elements on the roof that would be more likely arrestors. All the same it is always advisable to add a lightning surge device for any outdoor antennas that are routed indoors.