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Need outdoor solution for Clear Modem (M)

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  • Need outdoor solution for Clear Modem (M)

    Just signed up for Clear. Very poor signal, new modem (M), no antenna, and tech coming tomorrow. I want to have an outdoor installation to gain some quality signal. Can you help guide me through your products and I can suggest to the tech that we employ them? If you have items that will work on the Clear network, and it will give me a great signal and quality ,I will buy and install assuming Clear will allow me to do so.

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    Unfortunately we donít have an antenna solution for the Clear Modems but we do have something that works for the USB modems if that is an option for you.

    Here is our most popular USB modem antenna kit: You can then use a 4G router such as to convert WiMax to WiFi/LAN and share it with other computers. The kit above has a 16dBi high gain directional antenna. This is useful if you know the direction with the strongest received signal strength which you will know when the tech comes in. Alternatively we have an 12dBi omnidirectional antenna that radiates/receives equally in all directions here:

    For the USB modem, to determine if these solutions would work for you itís important to figure out what the received signal strength (RSS) is outside your house. Then depending on how long of a cable you use to connect the antenna to the modem you can calculate approx what your effective RSS will be after using the antenna. For example an LMR-400 low-loss coaxial cable has an attenuation of 1.4dB @ 2.6GHz and the passive antenna coupler could lead to a coupling loss as much as 3dB so you would expect an effective antenna gain of more than 10dB for the directional panel.

    Alternatively what others have been doing if the antenna doesnít work out or if its too far is to mount the modem outdoor in a weatherized enclosure then either run a LAN CAT5/6 cable or use a point-to-point Ethernet bridge to get the LAN/WLAN signal where its needed. Here are some outdoor enclosures:

    Here are some example setups:

    Let us know if you have additional questions/clarifications.