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Looking for a 4g clearwire outdoor antenna

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  • Looking for a 4g clearwire outdoor antenna

    Looking for what the gain is and how far it has to be from the tower.
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    If you have the Clear 4G USB modem then this is our most popular kit for it:

    If you have any other USB modem then you can use the kit with the passive antenna coupler since these donít have external antenna connectors: (we strongly recommend people to get the Clear 4G USB modem above though).

    This directional panel antenna has a gain of 16dBi. You can find other antennas here:

    We currently donít have any booster antennas for the CPE modems.

    Itís very hard to predict how far you can be from the tower since each location is different. Affected by interference, obstructions etc which are unique for every customer. If you know what your received signal strength reported by your modem outside your building we can tell you if this will work since we can precisely calculate the antenna gain and the cable losses (depending on where you will place the antenna relative to the indoor USB modem) and compare that to the expected RSL for the highest modulation (fastest speed) given the USB modems receiver sensitivity spec's.

    For example if you have a good signal outside or within several feet of your building and a poor or no signal inside your building then this will work. If you have to travel several miles towards the tower before you can get any signal then this simply will not work.

    Remember the main purpose of these antennas are to improve indoor coverage and not really to extend wimax coverage outside the coverage areas that clearwire has designed their network for.

    Hope this helps and do let me know if you have additional questions/clarifications.


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      need some help

      I can get a better signal with my Clear USB modem that with the antenna. Can you contact me to see wha I am doing wrong. I am using 100 feet of cable so could I be losing the signal through the cable?


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        what antenna type (what gain do you have)? also make sure your connectors are nice and snug. i have seen this when your losses are too much or using a very lossy cable. what cable type do you have (lmr400 or better?). are you using only one antenna port or two?

        also if you can try move the antenna side to side and see if that changes. in situation where you need MIMO performance boost (e.g where theres a lot of signal reflection) having one antenna will be worse than using the integrated MIMO dual antennas. but this is odd since the usb internal antennas are too weak.