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XOHM modem MAX-206M2 poor signal

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  • XOHM modem MAX-206M2 poor signal

    I am using a XOHM modem MAX-206M2 by ZyXEL and need to improve my weak signal. I have moved the modem in every area of the house with no improvement of signal. I only recieve 1 at best on signal indicator and sometimes it is flashing. I am running at dialup speed at best. I would like to know what antenna or 2 if needed I should use. Baltimore has good signal but I moved to Middle River, MD. and now I have poor signal. Should I give up on the service or is there a way to make an improvement that will make it work properly? Thanks for your time!!

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    Here is an antenna that will work for this:
    Just contact our sales dept if you need a longer length cable.

    Here are some engineering drawings on how you would hook this up:
    With optional lightning surge device: High Gain Directional Antenna for WiMax Modem
    Without lightning surge device: High Gain Directional Antenna for WiMax Modem

    You can find discussions on this subject in these posts:

    Pretty much the main take-away from this discussions is that if you simply have a weak signal strength and need to boost that then this antenna is what you need. This looks like your situation.

    See also discussion on when you would need two antennas vs. when one antenna will work just fine.

    The caveat is that poor speed is not always because of a weak signal (it often is however). There could be other stuff going on and these issues may not necessarily be resolved by adding a high gain outdoor antenna.

    But not to worry we do have a 30-day refund period in our e-store and no restocking fees should this not work for you (you would just be out shipping cost which is not much across the U.S).