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Another external antenna question for CLEAR USB modem

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  • Another external antenna question for CLEAR USB modem

    I have a CLEAR USB modem model PXU1960. My home is situated almost centrally between two towers, each a mile away. CLEAR shows excellent coverage in almost the whole area. However, there is a spot about 100 yards or so wide in which there is only bare minimum coverage and I'm right inside it. The figures from my modem, assuming it gets a signal at all, are around:

    RSSI -80 to -83
    CINR 4 to 6 (may be as low as 1)
    TX 19 - 23

    About half or two thirds of the time there's no signal. Outside of my little box, though, I can get download speeds up to almost 11Mbps and uploads of around 1.5Mbps.

    It's frustrating to not be able to use the service at home, but just walk about a quarter mile and get top speeds. I have no budget to speak of so expensive antennas on poles are out of the question. I could just about run to a basic stick-to-the-laptop antenna, but I'm wondering if it would be even worth the $50 I'd spend on it, given the very poor signal strength? I'd be wanting at least a service that stayed up, even if the strength was lower than I'd like.


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    yes you guessed correctly if you have absolutely no signal the $50 low profile antenna will probably not be much good. The one thing most likely to work is a roof-mounted high gain antenna such as the 18dBi antenna in this kit: Because you have a very good signal outdoors, the likelihood of this antenna dramatically improving your performance is very high (unless you have other issues going on at your location such as interference - in which case you can always return it within 30-days).