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best setup for 6 Franklin u600 modems plus MIMO

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  • best setup for 6 Franklin u600 modems plus MIMO

    hello, new to the forum but long time lurker. I own a small but growing marina in so California and to my dismay there are no cable providers or isps that cover my area. (the coverage ends 1500 meters away and the charge to bring it to me is huge) so to get back to the subject I have decided to use sprint to help me provide wifi to the customers at my marina through the use of appx. 6 franklin u600 usb modems and 2 cradlepoint mbr 1200
    expected bandwidth required is between 50mbps to 60 mbps. I am currently sporting a mbr 1200 with one u600 and one 18dBi panel antenna and am seeing average speeds 4-5 down and 1.2-1.5 up the cap per modem is 1.5 up so that is quite satisfying the router gives mne readings of

    Manufacturer: Franklin Wireless Corporation
    Product: U600 - 4G
    Modem Firmware Version: 6.0.1253
    Center Frequency (kHz): 2663500
    CINR (dB): 28
    Base Station ID (BSID): 000002F80120
    Transmit Power (dBm): 16
    Calibration Status: Calibrated
    Signal Strength (%): 100
    Signal Strength (dBm): -61
    PhysicalPort USB1

    closest sprint tower is appx 5.31 miles not too much 4g coverage here but im next to positive this is my bs simply looking for help designing the best setup for this project please share all that you think is helpful