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  • external wimax antenna

    i got my wimax modem with no port for external antenna , so i open the case and found a small antenna plug in
    i want to buy antenna like 18 gain dbi and cabel what should i go for ?
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    What model of WiMax CPE modem is this? That looks like a U.FL pigtail which you can pick up from here: Select the 18dBi panel antenna, your cable length and the pigtail and we will include any adapters you need to allow everything to hook up.


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      its from
      good modem

      wont the antenna need self power ?
      the 18dbi in the link u gived me says its 4g mine is Wimax
      the pigtail u mean its the female wich go inside my router port in ?


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        No the antenna is self-powered (passive).

        The pigtail has U.FL on one end and N-Female on the other end. The N-Female connects to the LMR-400 cable which has N-Male ends. The LMR-400 cable connects to the Antenna which has an N-Female port.

        Here is an example of how this could hook up: (shown here for a USB modem and different pigtail but the idea is the same you just replace the USB modem with your modem and the pigtail would be the U.FL).

        Yes this is 4G Wimax operating at 2.5-2.7GHz. What country is this for? You need to figure out what frequency band your provider is operating their WiMax network on. If they are operating at 2.5-2.7GHz (2500-2700MHz) then this will work for you.


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          info 2

          i live in kuwait , called my ISP they says they run on 2.5 H

          the cabel i must chose the length is it for
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          or from the antenna to the pigtail ?

          if i order where will u ship it from ?


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            Ok. Please get in touch with our sales folks - for more information on International shipments. This would ship from U.S.A (Gilbert, Arizona).

            Yes the cable is from the antenna to the pigtail. The pigtail only has about 10 inches (~25cm) of cable.


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              inside house i get full signal but if i put my router out i get also full signal but higher download speed

              so thought to add external antenna

              should i go with direct 18dbi gain or omni 10dbi or 8 ??

              my wimax is 2.5ghz so recommend antenna for my problem (right now i got full signal) i must buy 1 befor go on 5 days travel