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Wi-Fi improvement for my ZTE MF288

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  • Wi-Fi improvement for my ZTE MF288

    What kind of range does the ZTE MF288 have? I have an office about 30 feet from my home and with the router I have we have to keep bringing the router back and forth to get connected.

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    It may be difficult to tell the distance of signal coverage of RF signals as this depends on the environment and line of sight (LOS). Generally, an antenna with a high gain among other characteristics like front-to-back ratio, VSWR, and polarization should be considered.

    The ZTE MF288 has no external Wi-Fi antennas, only internal PIFA antennas. Consider using Wi-Fi extenders/adapters to extend the Wi-Fi reception from this router, like this option.

    Note this may not give an ideal signal improvement if there are thick walls or other major hindrances to RF signals.

    Wi-Fi adapter Application

    Another option would be to run an ethernet cable (if there is a good cable route-you may need a technician for this) to a POE powered access point placed in the office (check out different types of POEs). This will require LAN configuration on the router.

    Check out various options of increasing Wi-Fi coverage, their effectiveness and difficulty.

    Talk to our indoor coverage expert for a personalized solution.
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