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Why just one LAN output

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  • Why just one LAN output

    Noticed that the MB8000 despite it's whooping cost just has one LAN output vs most other routers such as the kyocera or ZTE Bavo that has 4 ports. What's up with that

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    Top Global MB8000/ MB6000 LAN Ports

    True that does seem rather odd that's why Top Global is just about to release the MB6800 which is available here

    The probably figured that if you can cough up $600+ for the MB8000 you should have no problem getting a cheap switch such as to expand the single output port.

    Just don't daisy chain the MB8000/6000 this with another wireless router especially if both are operating at the same wireless radio channel and the CAT5/6 cable connecting the 2 is short


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      MB8000 Lan Usage

      This router is ruggedized and designed for remote hotspots .... if you need a solution for LAN networking a cheaper mobile router could be used for connecting to the internet. I think this is designed more as an AP or a hotspot gateway such as the D-Link DSA3200 (?) than a simple residential gateway ...


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        The MB6800 has 4 LAN Port

        as well as a ton of other features. One nice one is that it supports Ethernet uplink (DSL, Cable Modem, Satellite, another mobile router etc) as well as both EVDO/1xRTT from CDMA carriers and HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE from GSM carriers.

        One other interesting feature that I noticed is that in addition to all these it can support a v.90 modem for backup. Now this might seem archaic but we have marine vessels that have a good satellite telephone system but don't want to tie up VSAT internet just to have someone remotely manage their systems when out of range.