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MB8000 vs MB6000?

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  • MB8000 vs MB6000?

    What's the difference apart for the huge price gradient. Not immediately obvious!

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    Here are the data sheets on both products.
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      What's Special about MB8000

      First of all, the MB8000 is the world's first 3G mobile router invented by Top Global. The MB8000 follows the tradition of Lucent Orinoco products and was designed for the enterprise. The MB8000 was the bench mark of all the new comers to the cellular router business. Until this date, there were still features in the MB8000 that no competitor can deliver. Here are some of these unique features:

      1. The MB8000 Supports Radius Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA). For those WISPs, the MB8000 is your "hot spot in one box" solution. The MB8000 was certified by Airpath ( and can roam with any of Airpath supported hot spots. To that end, it support local portal, remote portal, walled garden, etc for those interested in mobile and portable hot spots. Additionally, the MB8000 works with Wayport (, the backend hot spot provider to McDonald's and many other hotels, etc.). Therefore, the MB8000 can be configured as any McDonald's hot spot and works with Wayport servers.

      2. The MB8000's real-time operating system delivers the best performance with built-in intrinsic QoS for VoIP.

      3. The MB8000 also come with an intelligent driver which can recognize new aircards. This was the first truely universal mobile router supports over 40 different aircards in the same SKU.

      4. The MB8000 has many advance networking features such as: IPsec VPN client, GRE tunneling, Welcome page, Web portal, Serial interface for external GPS, Link Integrity, Bridging and IP passthrough, DNS relay, Static IP, Remote Central Management (RCM), SNMP, and optional Dynamice web based content filtering.

      5. The MB8000 is designed with rugged steel enclosure and mounting options for industrial environments. Most of the MB8000 were deployed in the field including construction trailer, police card, bus, train, boat, and most of them are still working reliably for over 5 years. Users get their ROI through longer product life time and with free software upgrades went from 2G, 2.5G, to 3G, and future 4G.


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        Thanks Alan for that. You can also check out this link for a side by side comparison of both routers: (check "compare" then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "compare selected").

        We have actually in fact used the MB8000 more than any other router with non-embedded modem for industrial SCADA & M2M applications and emergency management solutions.

        Check out for more information about using the MB8000 for mobile/nomadic wifi hotspots and on how to leverage the MB8000 features for different vertical market applications.