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cellular router combined with wi-fi access

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  • thuor
    Not quite. This is normally not a complicated problem since we have routers have actually have load-balancing capability but you complicate it by hinting that you will be using VPN.

    So the simply answer is yes that SOME of the routers that do have dual cellular and cellular + WAN ports could support loadbalancing of the two connections such that the aggregate bandwidth would be higher than the individual bandwidth of either backhaul. Note that i said "SOME" since not all routers with multiple WAN's support load balancing. Some just support failover (and yet others dont even support seamless failover but more of a manual failover on loss of power vs loss of connectivity).

    The reason i say you complicated it by throwing VPN into the mix is that even with our very high end link-bonding link aggregation devices such as the Peplink you really need a bonded linked to enable VPN on different WANs.

    So to make a long story short you could connect the WiFi (through a bridge) to a multiWAN cellular router that has the EX720 but you might have to manually switch back-and-forth to support VPN.

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    started a topic cellular router combined with wi-fi access

    cellular router combined with wi-fi access

    Do the routers that have dual cellular and wan ports allow for the following scenario:

    RV in wi-fi park can get internet over wi-fi but it is not greaty for the vpn I need for my phone back to the office so I have a sprint ex720 card.

    Could I get internet access on the router from both the wi-fi and the sprint card and would the bandwidth/speed be any better? My phone hooks to an ethernet port.