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New TopGlobal Router MB6000m

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  • New TopGlobal Router MB6000m

    MB6800M is a 9 in 1 product:
    - Cellular Router
    - DSL/Cable Router
    - 1 x 4 LAN Switch
    - Firewall
    - VPN IPSec end point
    - Security Appliances – Firewall, Filter, Antiattack
    - Bandwidth sharing with both DSL/Cable and 3G
    - DSL/Cable and 3G WAN redundancy auto-failover
    - Built-in QoS for Voice & Data over FMC network

    MB6800M is a third generation (3G) Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)
    access router in the MobileBridge™ product family. It combines both
    3G/4G cellular and DSL/Cable and offers up to 4 Ethernet ports for
    local computers and other network devices.
    Easy connection to high-speed 3G/4G cellular network and DSL/Cable
    network makes the 3G FMC Router an ideal Internet access solution
    for Retail, SOHO, and SMB.
    MB6800M is ROHS & WEEE compliant.
    There are two WAN options available in MB6800M, 3G Cellular
    Aircard and Fixed lined WAN (DSL or Cable). Multiple connections
    offer best redundancy with maximum bandwidth and make your
    network reliable at all time.

    If you would like to read more on this router please click here for the data sheet.MB6800M Spec.pdf

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    For those who have a MB6800M can you let me know the first two digits of the Serial Number? I can't seem to read mine so I can get the latest firmware updates.


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      First two letters for serial number

      Try MD....


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        I used MD but it takes me to the MB6800 firmware. Would that one be OK?


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          Yeah that should be fine...

          The only real difference is the between the 6800 and the 6800M is the WiFi. Other then that they will use the same firmware.


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            New info from TopGlobal...

            TopGlobal is saying that they have not created a firmware page for the MB6800, go ahead and send me an email at [email protected] and I will have them forward you the latest firmware update.