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Will the TopGlobal MB9000 Duo Double my speed?

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  • Will the TopGlobal MB9000 Duo Double my speed?

    This question comes up often enough that i thought i should address it here. The simple answer is that it will most likely unfortunately NOT double it but you would see a speed improvement. .

    For example if you are getting a downlink datarate of 1300kbps and uplink of 250kbps on an MB6000 router, going to the MB9000 will NOT give you 2.6Mbps downlink and 500kbps uplink! What the MB9000 does help with however is with load balancing your LAN traffic. So if there are multiple users on the network the router is able to optimally balance the network load between the two WAN backhaul channels. Another way that this helps also is if a certain WAN node experiences low datarate due to signal fading, concurrent user surge or any other reason for that matter the overall link quality is maintained by using the backhaul with better quality. So while you would see speed improvement both in the downlink and uplink channel (for download and upload) this will not be N times the original speed where N is the number of WANs.

    Mathematically you can think of the 250k upload as an average speed with a certain probability distribution of bursts and fades. Having another WAN channel introduces spatial redundancy (similar in concept to MIMO - not quite though!). The aggregate link would have more than 250k average upload if the 2 channels are uncorrelated! Channel correlation is the KEY. If the two channels had the same probability distribution (same peaks and troughs) then the average would be constant. So more benefit would theoretically be obtained from using 2 different carriers (on 2 frequency bands and on 2 separate towers geographically separated). This is a very simplistic view of RFchannel propagation but i think you see the point.