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  • Mb6800 Doa?

    I got an MB6800 in the mail yesterday and I think it might be DOA. When I plug in the power to the router all of the LED's on the front come on and stay on (see attached image). My Sierra 881 AirCard does not look like it's getting any power from the router when plugged in.

    Also, the router is not broadcasting a wireless network. I tried to manually connect to the router using the routers S/N as the SSID (just in case the router was just not broadcasting the network name) but that was no use. It's not a problem with my laptop's wireless, I use it all the time- I tried another laptop just in case, no use (all of my LAN setting are correct for both my NIC and wireless NIC- full auto... although I tried to manually assign an IP but again, that was no use.

    Same results when trying to connect with an Ethernet cord, my laptop does not even recognize that it's connected to something.

    There's nothing in the user manual that says why all the LED's on the front should be on... do I have to install firmware to the thing out of the box or something? I called TopGlobal's customer support number and got a cell phone voice mail (wierd right?) I'll try again later today.

    Sorry for the long post, but this is pretty discouraging... and I cant find similar problems on the net.
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    MB6800 All LED's Red

    Yes your router sounds like it's DOA. Eventually you would need to do the change described in to get the Sierra 881 to work but at this point it should not have all LED's red and should at least have the WiFi and LAN interface up (should be able to give you an IP address with DHCP and you should be able to connect to the SSID).

    Don't spend more time debuging it. If you bought it from us go ahead and call us for an RMA or login to your account to get an RMA and we will get it replaced for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    By the way do you need the extra features of the MB6800 (ethernet uplink, USB port)? If not the MB6000 is more than $100 cheaper and if you need more than one LAN port you could always get a 4 port switch such as yet the MB6000 is our most stable router (we have the lowest return rate on this by far).


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      Thank you for the information. I'll give you guys a call and I'll be sure to ask whoever I talk to about the mb6000. I just wish the thing was, well, less pyramidal Who thought that shape was a good idea anyways?