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Power draw for the MB8000, MB6000, MB5000R and MB5000K

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  • Power draw for the MB8000, MB6000, MB5000R and MB5000K

    MB5000K: Min: 4W (5v/800mA) Max: 8W (5v/1.6A)

    MB5000R/MB6000: Min: 6W (5v/1.2A) Max: 10W (5v/2A)

    MB8000: Min: 6W (5v/1.2A) Max:12W (5v/2.4A)

    Of course these are typical max average RMS values of power. If you need to use these routers with a power inverter in your vehicle we recommend to get one with > 60W output such as : Targus Mobile Power Inverter which features 90W of output power plus an integrated surge protector.

    The amount of current sourced by the router and thus sinked from the vehicle battery is dependent on a number of factors such as how many devices are connected to the ports or wirelessly, the activity of those devices, environmental conditions, received signal strength, proximity to cellular tower, proximity to wireless clients etc Simply put it's not a simple function.
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    TopGlobal MB8000 Remote Battery Pack

    For applications requiring operation of mobile routers away from vehicle consider the following rugged, high capacity battery packs. Note that these provide more than power since they include high gain cellular and WiFi antennas, rugged enclosure, ability to recharge battery when system is in use etc.