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Connectivity issues between 595u and MB6800

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  • Connectivity issues between 595u and MB6800

    I am having connectivity issues between my 875U and the MB6800 I just bought. The card works directly with my laptop. After upgrading firmware and restoring the router back to factory default I get the 3g light blinking green (trying to connect to internet). Someone Please help me!!!
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    In regards to your connectivity issues

    As a matter of fact we had someone with your same issue recently. Here is the resolution that worked for them:

    Input *99# in the phone# field for the 875U. The user guide shows this on pg.34 Fig 3-22, but those other configuration fields are not shown in the modem field just phone number & initializing string. Initializing string should be left blank. Just input that *99#, and user name & password and it should connect.

    I hope this works for you, please let us know.


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      Man you guys rock. You responded to my question within minutes with a solution that worked. Everything is up and running fine now. Thank again.


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        Update on speed for the mb6800 and the 875u

        Just to let you guys know I did a speedtest with and got a download of 1.02 Mbps and a upload speed of 400 kbps. I am very impressed!!!!!