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  • proxicast lan-cell2 firmware

    Proxicast is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new firmware release for the LAN-Cell 2 3G Cellular Router. This firmware update is free to all LAN-Cell 2 users and can be downloaded from our support web site:

    Firmware version 4.02(AQP.6) includes several new features:

    • Support for additional high-performance 3G modem cards:

    o Novatel Wireless Merlin PC770 (Verizon Wireless)
    o Novatel Wireless Merlin C777 (Sprint)
    o Sierra Wireless AirCard 402(Sprint, Verizon Wireless and other CDMA carriers)
    All of these 2-in-1 PC-Card/ExpressCard combination modems use the same external antenna connector.
    All previously supported 3G modems are still compatible with firmware 4.02(AQP.6). A complete list of currently supported 3G modems is available on our web site:

    Note: Proxicast's internal testing shows that the best performing 3G modem on both Verizon Wireless and Sprint is still the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595. The AirCard 402 performs similarly on these networks. The PC770 and C777 do not support "real-time" signal strength reporting while connected to the 3G network. The AirCard 402 is available directly from Sprint.

    • An enhanced SNMP agent and MIB with support for the full range of 3G and Wi-Fi parameters.
    The expanded SNMP MIB allows the LAN-Cell 2 to be more easily managed by SNMP tools such as HP OpenView (Network Node Manager), IBM Tivoli (NetView) and SolarWinds. The new SNMP agent is also required when using Proxicast's soon to be released centralized management system called ProxiVIEW Dashboard (see below). The MIB files for 4.02(AQP.6) can be downloaded from our support web site:

    • Improved Wi-Fi support.
    Several issues affecting Wi-Fi connections under specific conditions have been addressed, creating more robust Wi-Fi connectivityto a wider range of devices.
    This firmware release contains many other refinements. Please see the Release Notes document included with the firmware update package for more information.

    Q: How do I get a copy of the latest firmware?
    A: Download it from our support web site:

    Q: Can I install this version on any LAN-Cell 2 unit?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Is this upgrade mandatory?
    A: No. Proxicast will continue to support all prior LAN-Cell 2 firmware releases. This firmware upgrade is only required if you need to deploy one of the newly supported 3G modems or wish to have any of the new features.

    Q: Will all new LAN-Cell 2 units that I order have this version installed?
    A: Yes. Beginning February 15, 2010, all new LAN-Cell 2 units will ship with firmware 4.02(AQP.6) until a newer firmware version is released or you request a previous firmware version when you order.

    Q: If I upgrade, will I lose my device configuration settings?
    A: No. However, we strongly recommend that you make a backup of your configuration settings prior to upgrading. In some rare circumstances, your LAN-Cell 2 may not have enough free memory to perform the upgrade. In that case, reset the LAN-Cell 2 to factory defaults, then apply the firmware upgrade and restore your configuration settings. If you have used the SYS ROMBUILD command to create your own default configuration file, you must run the SYS ROMBUILD command again after upgrading to the P.6 firmware.

    Q: Can I downgrade to a previous firmware version if I don't want to run 4.02(AQP.6)?
    A: Yes, you can install any firmware version on any LAN-Cell 2 device. However, due to differences in configuration memory structures, we recommend that you perform a factory reset prior to downgrading, then reconfigure your LAN-Cell from scratch or apply a configuration file saved from a device with the older firmware version installed.

    Q: Can the firmware upgrade be performed over the Cellular interface?
    A: Yes. We recommend that you install upgrades locally via a LAN or Console port connection; however it is possible to perform the upgrade over a cellular connection. Please see the firmware upgrade instructions that are included with the download package.

    Q: Why did the firmware version number jump from P.3 to P.6?
    A: Firmware developers are an interesting breed. Sometimes it's best just to slide a pizza under the door and not ask too many questions.
    ProxiVIEW Dashboard Centralized Management System
    In the next few weeks, Proxicast will be introducing a hosted solution for managing LAN-Cell 2's called ProxiVIEW Dashboard. ProxiVIEW Dashboard centralizes the management of multiple remote LAN-Cell’s into a single web site. Device status is automatically polled and reported in an easy to use spreadsheet interface delivered to any web browser. Detailed configuration settings can also be viewed and updated. ProxiVIEW includes a SYSLOG server so that device log data can be kept indefinitely. It also includes graphing options to show trends such as cellular signal strength, data traffic usage, and VPN connectivity over time.

    Look for an upcoming new product announcement with full details in February. In the meantime, as a current LAN-Cell 2 owner, you can be one of the first to use this powerful new remote device management system.

    Contact Proxicast or Rfwel Sales Support about signing up for ProxiVIEW today.