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Cant connect with option globesurfer in different countries

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  • Cant connect with option globesurfer in different countries

    I'am working for Belgium television in Afrika. We are using a Globesurfer 3 with the mobinil (egypt) network. We are traveling from Egypt to South Afrika.

    I have seen your tutorial video on youtube. But i am still having problems configuring the gateway device.

    My globesurfer 3 specs:

    caller ID: ETSI DTMF
    Acces point name: (is this important?)
    UMTS connect method: Connect Manually
    In case of inactivity, disconnect after:0
    wireless: Enabled

    At the end of the configuration the device summary says:

    Operator: Mobinil
    Signal strength: Very good
    Connection status: Not connected. Connection failed check your settings.
    Connection Type: -
    Current connection time: -

    I did clicked on connect.

    It looks like all my setting are correct but my device tells me connect failed. UMTS
    I don't have any idee how to fix it. Is there some piece of info missing in the settings. Or does the cellphone provider (mobinil) still need to activate my sim?

    The sim came with a usb simreader and this works fine. I plug in the device and i'am able to surf the internet. But with the Globesurfer its not going.

    I hope you can assist me a little bit with this issue. I am looking forward for your reaction.
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    Unless there are roaming agreements between Mobinil in Egypt and whatever GSM carrier you are using in South Africa you almost always have to get a new SIM card from the South African carrier.

    Once you do this you would likely have to enter the carrier specific Access Point Name (APN). This is the the carrier-dependent configurable network identifier used when the GS3 device connects to a GSM carrier.

    Here is a list of APN names for different world wide carriers: For example you can see that for mobinil it is "mobinilweb". Sometimes you are able to connect with the APN name blank (depends on carrier).