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    I'm sorry if this is not the correct section to place my topic

    if it is ,then please forgive me ignorance

    I came here in the hope of solving my problem.. experts..

    I got this new modem / router few days ago from STC : Saudi Telecom Company

    which happens to be very similar to GlobeSurfer III

    now, the problem is ..I can't port forward on the STC one (the one I have)

    and the gateway page is so simple and all the good stuff in the original one is not there

    I can't find the DMZ service ,although I found the port forwarding settings

    however ..everytime I set it .. it doesn't even asks for a port ,it just says give me the ip and I'll do the rest which is stupid

    and even though, it won't let me surf the web unless I turn the port forwarding service ..sometimes I even have to reset the modem / router

    if someone is willing to help me open ports on my STC modem / router

    I'll appreciate it , I'll be able to provide you with screenshots of the gateway page and settings .. you name it

    and also , if there is anyway to reverse it to the original gateway and options

    please tell me how to do that

    I got sick from the red icon on my torrent client

    and I get strict NAT on my xbox console

    in the end ,I would like to thank all the staff of for providing us with such helpful sites.

    -Abulrahman Mohamed

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    me too same problem


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      Would like to know if anyone has done this. One of our partners tried to download the config edit and re-upload and it bricked the modem to where even reloading the old version or any other firmware couldnt work. So no at this time we dont know how to get aroudn the carrier branding locks.


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        That makes two of us. I DMZed the Xbox IP on the GSIII configuration page but looks like the modem itself don't apply the changes in the core due to some lock. Any help will be greatly appreciated.