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how can I ubgrade GlobeSurferŽ III firmware by telnet command

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  • how can I ubgrade GlobeSurferŽ III firmware by telnet command

    I have GlobeSurferŽ III with limited GUI and I can't found upgrade page to load upgraded file

    How can I upgrade GlobeSurferŽ III firmware by telnet commands

    Please help me to upgrade to advance GUI.

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    Updating Option Globesurfer III Using Telnet Command Line Interface (CLI)

    Using your favorite telnet program login to the Option globesurfer 3's command line interface. For windows XP users you can use the command prompt.

    Run -> Start -> type 'cmd' (a black command window appears)

    - the user id and password are both 'admin' by default unless you have previously changed the pwd
    - if you login successfully you should get a 'Globesurfer >' prompt
    In general as with any command line interface to any device you can type 'help [command]' to learn more about a specific command. If you don't know the commands just type 'help' and it will give you an error together with all the help options available.

    If you type this it tells you help must have at least one command then gives you the following commands

    Availble help Categories
    help lcd - show help about lcd commands
    help callctrl - show help about Callctrl and slic related commands.
    help conf - show help about Read and write GlobeSurfer configuration data
    help upnp - show help about UPnP commands
    help bridge - show help about API for managing ethernet bridge
    help config - show help about API for configuring devices
    help firewall - show help about Control and display Firewall and NAT data
    help connection - show help about API for managing connections
    help inet_connection - show help about API for managing internet connections
    help wireless - show help about Wireless commands
    help 802.1x - show help about 802.1x Port based authentication commands
    help misc - show help about API for GlobeSurfer miscellaneous tasks
    help firmware_update - show help about Firmware update commands
    help log - show help about Controls GlobeSurfer logging behavior
    help dev - show help about Device related commands
    help kernel - show help about Kernel related commands
    help system - show help about Commands to control GlobeSurfer execution
    help flash - show help about Flash and loader related commands
    help net - show help about Network related commands
    help misc - show help about miscellaneous commands
    help modem - show help about commands related to the cellular modem
    help nvram - show help about commands to manipulate the NVRAM
    help cmd - show help about Commands related to the Command module

    Returned -1
    Digging deeper you can find exactly what firmware_update command does thus:

    GlobeSurfer> help firmware_update

    Command Category firmware_update - Firmware update commands
    start Remotely upgrade GlobeSurfer
    cancel Kill running remote upgrade
    exit Exit sub menu
    help Show help for commands within this menu

    Returned 0
    To get more help with the "firmware_update" command enter the command:

    Notice that this changes the prompt now to show the current command being run. Then type 'help start' from within the command

    firmware_update> help start
    start Remotely upgrade GlobeSurfer

    Usage: start -u <update_url> [-c] [-i]
    -c: Check only - don't really flash
    -i: Ignore version number when deciding whether to burn the image

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    So in summary this should help you figure out any command line command available for the gs3 and indeed for any device that has a CLI.

    To answer your questions specifically you need to do:

    GlobeSurfer> firmware_update start -u <update_url> -i
    The <update_url> unfortunately is password protected at the Option website