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External antenna for 2100MHz UMTS

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  • External antenna for 2100MHz UMTS

    Here are the pieces required for if you need an external antenna but you have the 2100mhz version of the Option globesurfer III ...
    1. antenna adapter for the globesurfer III:
    2. 2100mhz wideband directional antenna:
    3. Since the antenna is N-female and the antenna adapter is FME-male here is an N-male/FME-female:
    4. The cable that is included is only 18 inches. Here are other cables:

    If you have the the N. American version here is a generic drawing on what you need and the link to a pre-packaged product on our e-store that includes all the components.

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    AT&T on 850MHz in some cities

    AT&T has begun switching on 3G services in 850 MHz spectrum in certain markets across the country to boost coverage and capacity, notably in Atlanta, New York City and Houston.

    If this applies to you and you need to boost the Option Globesurfer III or any other AT&T cellular data modem using a high gain directional Yagi antenna then you would need any of these:
    1. 800-900 MHz Yagi: 5 element, 10dBi of gain, 10W max input power.
    2. 806-894 MHz Yagi: 8 element, 13dBi of gain, 50W max input power
    3. Dualband omni: 5.12 dBi 806-894MHz / 6.12 dBi 1850-1990 MHz
    4. Wideband Log Periodic Antenna: 800-915MHz -> 8.0 dBi, 915-1710MHz -> 7.0 dBi, 1710-1850MHz -> 9.0 dBi, 1850-1990MHz -> 10.5 dBi, 1990-2500MHz -> 10.0 dBi