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Globesurfer III 802.11 transmitting power

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  • Globesurfer III 802.11 transmitting power

    Hi everybody.
    Does anyone knows the wifi maximum transmitting power (in mW or dbm) of the specific router. I have searched the manual but it was imposible to find any specifications.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Option globesurfer III WiFi transmit power

    Here is a little trick. Remember that all devices that are sold in the U.S must be FCC approved. FCC maintains a public searchable database of test results for each FCC approved device. That is available here:

    Using the FCC ID of the Option Globesurfer III which is: NCMOGS0312 you can pull up the technical RF data for this device. You notice that there are different test results for different RF modules/ frequency bands including 2412-2462 MHz, 824.2-848 MHz 1712.4-1752 MHz and ~1.9GHz. To get the WiFi results look the 2412- 2462 MHz which is the ulicensed ISM band used by 802.11g. Here goes:'NCMOGS0312'

    Looking at the test report in page25 you can find what the maximum peak output power EIRP is i.e 19.39 dBm at 2412MHz, 18.84 dbm at 2427 MHz and 19.08 dbm at 2462 MHz for DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) and 18.2 dBm at 2437 MHz for OFDM. Note though that the measurement uncertainty is +/-3dB (which is quite high!) and this is measured at 3 meters with a spectrum analyzer resolution bandwidth and video bandwidth of 10MHz. Recall 802.11g uses OFDM for the high datarate e.g 54Mbps, 64QAM modulation and DSS for 11MBbps CCK2, 5.5Mbps CCK, 2Mbps QPSK and 1 Mbps BPSK.