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Option's GlobeSurfer X1 Router

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  • Option's GlobeSurfer X1 Router

    The Globesurfer X.1 is a compact gateway router device that allows anyone with a USB Modem stick to easily and reliably connect to the internet.

    The device uses no installation software, as its built in browser GUI (Graphical User Interface) will enable users to access the features by simply opening any internet browser (such as Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera).

    When no USB Modem is inserted into the Globesurfer X.1, the device will still establish a LAN (Local Area Network), and allow computers supporting Wi-Fi to access the networking features of the device. Clients without Wi-Fi can also connect via the Ethernet ports on the rear of the device.

    As a standalone device, this wireless cradle provides you with unparalleled LAN speeds of up to 160Mbps.

    For easy Internet access, simply plug your current USB modem stick into the cradle and follow the USB Modem Internet Connection instructions. A second USB port offers additional high-end functionality such as Print Server and File Server for excellent local networking capabilities.

    Two further Ethernet ports provide connectivity to users without wireless functionality. Connect a fxed line ADSL modem/router to an Ethernet port and you have an optional ADSL to 3G fail over solution.

    Keep checking this page for more information and on availability.