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Sierra Wireless GX 440 LTE/4G modem

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  • Sierra Wireless GX 440 LTE/4G modem

    When the Sierra Wireless GX 440 4G/LTE cellular modem becomes available (any day now), what would be the best antenna frequency type for a mobile 4G/LTE application? There are three antenna ports. One antenna port is dedicated for GPS. The other two ports are dedicated to Cell and diversity for the 3G/4G/LTE connectivity. What would be the best antennas to use for these two ports (cell and diversity), and why? I have been given multiple answers with a wide range of difference.

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    Verizon LTE uses LTE Band 13 at 700MHz (Forward Link @ 746 - 756 MHz, Reverse Link @ 777 787 MHz). EVDO RevA is at 800/1900 MHz depending on market. Therefore, a wideband/ multi-band magnet mount antenna such as: would work for the Main and AUX antenna ports. Because this is a mobile application you are pretty much limited to low-profile antennas (which offer lower gain that you would get in an outdoor panel/ yagi).

    You can find other LTE antennas with different mounting options here:

    For example you could use this 3x MIMO integrated antenna GPSDM700/2500FFS which integrates three antennas into one radome. However, for reasons related to MIMO spatial diversity gain it is better to use the individual antennas such as MGRM-WLF-1C10 so that you can sufficiently separate the MAIN & AUX antennas to reduce antenna correlation thereby improving MIMO diversity advantage (these antennas are already pretty small at 1.75" x 3" H so you can weigh advantage of just having one 3.5" x 4.3" x 4.3" antenna)

    Let me know though if you had a completely different question in mind.


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      Here is additional information and links for the GX440 Gateway