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  • Cradlepoint IBR600B Router

    I am looking to buy an antenna and would like some assistance. I have a Cradlepoint IBR600B in my RV. ( I would like to install an external antenna on the roof to improve reception and performance.

    I am looking at purchasing the Panorama Great White for this application. ( Would you recommend this brand/model or something else for a permanent installation. Also, I note that this unit only has a 1' cable so I would need extension cables for LTE and Wifi-- I do not need GPS. Which cables would be best suited for this application? I am still measuring the length I will need based on the placement of the router inside my RV. I believe 2-4 meters will work, but need to confirm.
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    Yes this is a good selection for mounting on your RV. This antenna has 5, 1ft cables. Depending on how long you need the cables you can either get RG174 or 195-series cables or LMR200 cables. For anything under 5 meters a 195-series cable is good enough. The difference is that the higher the number the lower the cable loss (but the cable is thicker so a little harder to router and also slightly more expensive). Cables below 200 series are good for runs less than around 25ft. If you need runs longer than 25ft and donít want to get lots of attenuation then you can go with LMR400 cable which is the most economical low loss cable for cellular band frequencies (especially the high 2.5Ghz bands used by some carriers).

    Here are some other choices:
    LTM401: (this has slightly higher gain in the LTE bands)
    SMW-305-3C3C2C: (cheaper but you lose your cellular diversity antenna)

    Also for good MIMO performance it might be better to separate antennas (if you have the space to do so). In this case you can get:
    GPSDM700/5800GGT: (for the cellular and WiFi 2.4/5.8GHz antenna port)
    And then get something like:
    ANTMBSM317678B: (for the AUX/Diversity/MIMO antenna port)