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    Thought I would report on a successful project.

    I have a RV and enclosed car trailer. We have a sand rail and travel to remote locations and camp for several weeks at a time. It is nice to keep in touch through the Internet and manage E-mail while camped or on the road. I purchased a Linksys WRT54G3G-AT router and a CL359924-881 wireless booster antenna from RfWel. We are using the Sierra Wireless AC881 wireless PC card. The antenna is mounted on top of the RV with the cable routed down into a cabinet inside where the router is mounted. I used a mini inverter to convert the 12VDC to 120VAC for the router and enabled WPA2 encryption for the Wi-fi. Be sure to download the latest router firmware (WRT54G3G-AT_2.02.2_US_code.bin) to support of the AC881 card. I am also using AT&T Communication manager version 6.6 to manage the Wi-fi and the AC881 if/when is is plugged directly into this laptop.

    Currently I am about 20 miles west of Yuma AZ, about 5 miles north of Interstate 8. Performance has been "OK", but I don't expect a lot considering the location. It's good enough that we can do remote consulting work using terminal services and print to a small printer we carry along with us. According to the benchmark on, I get about 200kbps down and 90kbps upload. I know this doesn't sound all that fast but it's very functional anyways.

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    Thanks for the input. 200kbps is definitely much better than dialup especially for remote locations ....