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The new Linksys wireless-g HSDPA mobile router.

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  • The new Linksys wireless-g HSDPA mobile router.

    This linksys mobile router is a wireless-g (802.11g capable of speeds up to 54Mbps) and wireless-b(802.11b capable of speeds up to 11Mbps). It also has a 4 port full-duplex 10/100 switch to network you wired Ethernet devices together. Another nice feature is the Ethernet up-link port. This give you the ability to use a cable or DSL modem also. I like this feature mainly because you can get one router that you can use with virtually and type of ISP.

    Click here to download the data sheet for this router: Finalwrt54g3gdatasheet.pdf

    Click here for the product link at our store:
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    Linksys At&t router Data card support

    At this time the only At&t data card supported is the Sierra 875. Linksys may come out with firmware that adds support for the other At&t data cards and perhaps T-Mobile's GC89 (are there people still using this ) so stay tuned.