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Kyocera and Cingular Service

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  • Kyocera and Cingular Service

    Has anyone tried using the router with Cingular?
    If so what was your experience like? Better yet what service would someone recommend using with these?
    Also Is it possible to provision these with a static ip address? I know that some providers probably could but do they as of right now..
    I appreciate your Replies!

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    Kyocera & Cingular

    The Kyocera kr1 is an EVDO/1xRTT router which means that it only works with CDMA providers such as Alltel, Sprint, Verizon. We have other routers such as the Top Global Phoebus MB6000 which works with both EVDO/1xRTT as well as HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE protocols provided by GSM providers such as Cingular & T-Mobile. (T-Mobile just supports EDGE).

    Yes these routers can have a Static ipaddress when used as clients to other routers and they also have a DHCP server that you can configure to setup a a client with a static ip address. The aircard itself cannot be provisioned with static ip - at least not that we know of. ON the other hand since you can configure the mobile routers for dynamic dns you probably would not need a static ip address anyway if you wanted to access the router remotely e.g for VPN, VNC, Remote camera monitoring etc.