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KR2 Thruput Problems

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  • KR2 Thruput Problems

    I am experiencing a large difference in internet traffic thruput between using my KR2 with the Sierra 595 card for Sprint connection and putting the 595 card directly into my computer pcmcia slot. The router connection I am using is wireless.

    Router wi-fi connections from computer to computer seem very fast but there is a dramatic slowdown when connecting to the internet.

    Can somebody advise me of the optimum KR2 settings to maximize it's wireless thruput from the internet? I'm afraid that I may have something unnecessarily set which is slowing it down.

    My laptop computer is a G4 15" Mac with "g" spec wireless so I have set the router to transmit "g: spec only in the belief that this may help. If I set the KR2 for "g" only or for "n", "g" and "b" combined seems to make no difference at all in thruput performance.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.