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Kyocera KR2 supports HSDPA!!! FIRMWARE UPDATE

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  • Kyocera KR2 supports HSDPA!!! FIRMWARE UPDATE

    Kyocera has just recently released a firmware Update for the KR2 to allow it to support HSDPA ( Cingular ). Now this is the most complete router on the market. It supports all forms factors of Data Cards ( USB, ExpressCard and PCMCIA ) and is the only router to date that does. Now it supports both EvDO and HSDPA technologies. It also has an Ethernet uplink so it can support Cable and DSL modems. Not to mention that it's a 802.11n router with MIMO and has a 4 port switch. You can use this router on the road and at home, it's a complete router. There still might be some compatibility issues here and there, but every router is going to run into that. If you are looking for a router that will provide you with complete versatility, look no further.

    If you would like the latest firmware update click here.

    If you would like to check out the product page click here.