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  • KR2 Compatibility List

    So far we have found these cards to work fine in the KR2. We will add compatibility information to this forum as we discover it.

    Express Cards:
    Kyocera KPC680 RevA
    Novatel V640 Rev0 (Tested by RfWeL Customer on 3/27/08)
    Novatel EX720 / V740
    Sierra Wireless 597e (Tested by RfWeL on 7/3/08) Click here for Video
    Option GTMax 3.6 Express (Tested by RfWeL on 5/16/08)

    USB Cards:
    Novatel U720 RevA
    Novatel U727 RevA
    Sierra Wireless 597 Compass Rev A (Tested by RfWeL 7/2/08) Click here for Video
    Sierra Wireless AC595U RevA
    Sierra Wireless Compass U597 RevA
    Sierra Wireless 875U
    Sierra Wireless U881
    Franklin CDU-680 Rev0
    Franklin CDU-550
    Pantech UM150 RevA
    Pantech UM175 RevA ( Tested by and RfWeL Customer on 8/27/08)

    PCMCIA Cards:

    Pantech PX-500 RevA (Tested by RfWeL on 3/19/08)
    Novatel S720 RevA (Tested by RfWeL on 3/19/08)
    Sierra AC595 RevA (Tested by RfWeL on 3/17/08)
    Novatel S620 Rev0 (Tested by RfWeL on 3/18/08)
    UTStarCom PC-5740 Rev0 (Tested by RfWeL Customer 0n 3/20/08)
    UTStarCom PC5750 RevA (Tested by RfWeL Customer on 3/24/08)
    Kyocera KPC650 Rev0 (Tested by RfWeL Customer on 3/27/08)
    Huawei EC360
    Sierra Wireless Aircard 595

    Phones Via USB:

    Samsung A920
    Sanyo M1
    LG VX7200
    LG VX8000
    LG LX550 Fusic
    LG Musiq
    Motorola RAZR V3m
    Motorola RAZR V3c
    Blackberry 8307e
    Blackberry Pearl 8130
    Samsung SPH A900
    Samsung i830
    Samsung SPH A900
    Samsung SPH A900M
    Sanyo SCP 8400
    Sanyo SCP 6600 Katana
    Sanyo SGH-A707
    Samsung BlackJack
    Sanyo M1
    Motorola RAZR V3xx
    Motorola RAZR2
    Motorola KRZR
    Motorola Q (original)
    Motorola Q9c
    Motorola Q v9h
    Blackberry 8130
    Palm 700w
    Palm 755p
    Palm Treo 700p
    Palm Centro
    HTC 6700 Apache
    HTC 6800 Mogul
    HTC 6900 Touch

    This compatibility list is subject to change so please check back periodically for any changes that may have been made.

    Here is a picture with the KR2 working with the Novatel S720. You will notice that the power light is green, the LAN light is green and the EvDO light is green:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	S720-KR2.JPG
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ID:	1767

    Here is a picture with the KR2 working with the Pantech PX500. You will notice that the power light is green, the LAN light is green and the EvDO light is green:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	PX500-KR2.JPG
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Size:	17.2 KB
ID:	1768
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    UTStarCom PC-5740 witht he Kyocera KR2

    The UTStarCom PC-5740 was tested by a customer of ours today and it is working great with no configuration changes. I have added this to our compatibility list.


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      KR2 with Verizon's PC5750

      I just received the Kyocera KR2 today and just as the Sales rep stated, the KR2 is working well with my Verizon PC5750 RevA card. I was a bit apprehensive if I was going to have problems with my card. When I talked to the sales rep. and then saw the addendum specifically addressing my card, I was delighted. So far no problems. I have not had time to fully configure the KR2 as it has so many new configuration settings. I am replacing a KR1 connected to a separate 802.11G attachment point with the KR2. I was using the KR1 simply as the portal for the PC5750 card since turning on 802.11g on the KR1 caused the PC5750 to disconnect after a few minutes (a known problem). Even with the separate 802.11g attachment point, I still had occasional interference between the KR1 and the PC5750. With the KR2 the problems with the PC5750 appear to be totally solved.

      Again thanks RfWeL for great service and information.


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        I'm not so sure that the KR2 is compatible with the AT&T Option GTMax 3.6 Express. We have tried two different KR2 routers and neither has worked with this card (although RfWel tested our card and router in their facility and it evidently worked). Our card works fine with no problems when installed in my laptop. When it goes into the router, the EVDO light blinks green for ten to fifteen minutes, goes to solid orange and the router software says that the signal is poor or our we have the wrong data plan. That is strange since I tested the second router in different spots in our office as well as right next to my laptop.

        Has anyone, besides RfWel, got this combo to work?
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          Sprint Sierra 597 Compass With the Kyocera KR2

          We tested the compatibility of the Sprint Sierra 597 Compass with the Kyocera KR2, click here to watch the video