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KR1 with Verizon Card

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  • KR1 with Verizon Card

    I currently have a verizon card as my only internet connection. I purchased a Playstation 3 and need an opinion on whether the KR1's signal strength would be strong enough for gaming on PS3 or do i need another internet service?? I have 1 year left on my contract so i would prefer just to buy the router, but am unsure if i wll lose connections to often to have a good gaming experience.

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    KR1 for gaming on ps3

    The Kyocera KR1's Wireless network is fine -- the limiting factor would be the Verizon data modem and what speeds you need for a good gaming experience. The Kyocera KR1 WiFi radio transceiver is actually a D-Link version and since the 802.11b/g is a standard protocol the wireless experience and range would be no different than most other WiFi routers in general or D-Link routers in particular. Problem comes in because VZW cellular internet (EVDO Rev0 or RevA depending on where you are located and what data card you are using) is not as fast and neither does it have as low a latency as wired broadband internet (cable/DSL etc). The cellular data reverse link datarate is even much worse (upload).