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KR1 and the Pantech 500

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  • KR1 and the Pantech 500

    I just tested the KR1 with the pantech 500 after updating the firmware. It works great I haven't tested the speeds with it yet I will let you know what I see for speeds when I test it. If anyone has tested the speeds in a REV A network let us know. Here is a link to the combo deal we offer:
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    KR1 & PX500 vs. KR1 & S720?

    We have tested the the KR1 with the Pantech PX500 and it worked after updating the the KR1 to the latest firmware. We were still seeing better signal when using the KR1 with the S720. If you are looking at saving money on a combo deal then go with the PX500/KR1 combo deal. If you are looking for high speeds and signal strength go with the S720/KR1 combo deal.
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      Can you use the KR1 together with and exress to pc card adpater and a router?

      I just got off the phone with one of our customers who tried this out. He is using the KPC680 with the XCA3 ExpressCard to PCMCIA card adapter and the MB6800 he also has the 5dbi antenna for the router. He is using it as a marine solution. He has it his office on land and is transmitting it to boats that are about 300+ ft off the land. He says it works great and is completely impressed with it. He now wants a higher gain antenna to transmit the signal even further.


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        1X working but

        Now my area has EVDO/REV-A. My PX-500, KR-1 with 1010 update does not connect with EVDO/REEV-A. Is there something new going on?