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    I want to hook my Motorola E815 Alltel phone up via a connectivity kit ie: from the
    phone to the router via USB and phone plug kit. Will the Kyocer KR1 router work or do
    you have a different idea around the same cost? I want to be portable and remove my sat
    dish.{support request}
    The Kyocera KR1 would not work simply because this phone model is not supported for
    connection through the USB. The general idea works though. The following EVDO USB phones
    are officially supported: Kyocera KX18, Samsung A890, Samsung A920, Samsung A900, Sanyo

    On the other hand we never recommend people to use their Phones through the Kyocera KR1
    router. The service experience will be quite disappointing. The better solution is to
    simply get a PCMCIA data card which for alltel is $30 if you bundle with the Kyocera
    mobile router which is regularly $169. True that the monthly rate is $59 for unlimited data as opposed to $39 with an EVDO phone but if you are trying to replace your sat dish the phone option will be a drastic drop to what you are accustomed

    Now if you really insist in going back to dial-up days :-) here's a little trick for you:
    You don't really need a mobile router. You can connect your E815 directly to your desktop
    or laptop, enable Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), attach a regular router
    (much cheaper: and now
    any computer on that network can access the Internet provided that the computer attached
    to the E815 is on. {support response}
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