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International Calls through T-Mobile @Home UMAN

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  • International Calls through T-Mobile @Home UMAN

    Just ordered this will get it in 2 days ... was wondering is there any plans to allow international unlimited. I wonder why they did not do this since VOIP should be free anyway since going through the internet

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    International calling through T-Mobile UMAN

    We'll the reason that International calling is not free (i.e is not included in the unlimited plan) is the same reason that other VOIP services that require VOIP to PSTN switches are not free. Remember that T-Mobile needed to implement UMA Network Controllers (UNC's) to basically terminate the VOIP calls to their BTS network (wonder if down the road we will see deals with calls terminating to DT's network in Europe). Again if this was a true VOIP service then VOIP to VOIP would be free since everything happens in IP but with the Generic Access Network architecture this is not practical ...

    Check out something like this: which is discussed in depth here:
    Now this is a Mobile/Home gateway mobile EVDO router with tons of features. So with this what you can do is subscribe for a VOIP service to handle your International calling needs, have a regular PSTN for fax if you even need PSTN lines, since it has WiFi you can use your T-Mobile UMAN phone for local long distance. Since it has Bluetooth (Cordless Telephony Profile CTP) you can connect to it using a CTP cordless phone. It also has ohter extras such as print server capability etc.


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      Calling US from Mexico

      i actually tried this out and it works beautifully i have looked at my bill and so far they havent charged me for international calling. was in hermosillo mexico using an open wifi hotspot. tried to drive away from the hotspot but the connection dropped was hoping it woudl just go to mexicos gsm tower and use that instead


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        Waiting for the Nokia to come back to availability

        Seems they ran out of the good phone. .. I am waiting to sign up for the [email protected] . Has anyone had any major glitches with this service, or is it everything and more than what I've been waiting for?


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          Originally posted by msiam View Post
          Seems they ran out of the good phone. ..
          T-Mobile finally added a decent phone to the @Home UMA offering - The Blackberry 8300 Curve.