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T-Mobile Hotspot @Home & Sprint mobile broadband EVDO RevA

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  • T-Mobile Hotspot @Home & Sprint mobile broadband EVDO RevA

    Just run across this. I have Sprint EVDO service for data and a T-Mobile phone that i have had for over 10 yrs (actually used to be Voicestream) - Sprint voice sucks coz of all the screw-ups with their billing! I live in a RevA area and sometimes get over 1mbps down and 400kbps up. Was actually using Vonage WiFi phone at $24.99 a month plus taxes but for $9.99 it looks like this is a winner! Has anyone tried to use this with Sprint mobile broadband EVDO rev0 or revA or event Cingulars UMTS/HSDPA???

    Also thuor saw ur post on the upload datarate requirements. I believe vonage requires about 90kbps and 50ms RTT or latency (not sure) and this works ok for most parts so i'm guessign this should be just as fine. what do u think?

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    T-mobile @Home over Sprint EVDO RevA

    First thing we have to do is disclaim that we are NOT in any way endorsing such an application. We are BOTH a T-Mobile as well as a Sprint Authorized dealer so ....

    In any case these forums are meant to be informative so we stick to theoretical engineering facts as well as empirical results from the public.

    We are scheduled to receive our @Home demo next week and since we have demos of all the mobile routers and most of Sprint RevA's modems so this is an application I'm sure one of our wireless support techs will play with. My guess is that this should work based on the throughput and latency requirements T-Mobile is touting - no different than any other VOIP with Sprint Mobile broadband and we have had success with Vonage and Skype previously.

    Will keep you posted ...