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Sierra Wireless AirLink MP 595W available on Bell Canada

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  • Sierra Wireless AirLink MP 595W available on Bell Canada

    Sierra Wireless AirLink MP 595W rugged in-vehicle communications platform with Wi-Fi access point now available on the Bell Mobility High-Speed Network.

    The ultra rugged design and newly added Wi-Fi capability of the AirLink MP 595W coupled with the reliable, high-speed data connection provided by the EV-DO Rev A network allow customers to access mission critical information in any mobile environment.

    The new MP 595W includes an 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi hotspot and routing capabilities to simplify installation and communication between the modems and peripheral equipment. The 802.11 b/g AP radio allows 10 Wi-Fi enabled device connection to the MP 595W offering a mobile WLAN network. This addition will increase flexibility and versatility by eliminating additional wires and creating a “hotspot” in and around vehicles.

    The MP 595W improves the user experience for those needing applications such as video monitoring to improve the personal security of the vehicle operator. The MP 595W on the EV-DO Rev A network offers average download speeds of typical speeds of 600 Kbps to 1.4 Mbps and typical upload speeds of 500-800 Kbps. The MP 595W is also fully compatible with currently deployed EV-DO Release 0 networks and CDMA 1Xrtt networks, in areas where an EV-DO Rev A network is not yet available.

    In addition, the MP 595W provides vehicle location information with an integrated, independent GPS receiver, increasing security for employees and enabling asset tracking.

    Designed for use in the public safety, field service, and transportation industries, The Sierra Wireless AirLink MP 595W modem is vehicle mounted and enables fast, consistent wide area wireless data communications with headquarters and dispatchers. Known for their reliability and durability, they have been trusted by hundreds of police forces, fire and rescue teams, and emergency responders to provide fast, secure access to information from dispatchers and centralized databases.

    Features and Benefits
    To ensure reliable performance in a variety of conditions, The Sierra Wireless AirLink MP 595W offers the following features:

    • Provides 802.11 b/g wireless access point for wireless integration and temporary wireless hotspot around vehicle
    • Equipped with enhanced WiFi security options, such as WEP, WPA and WPA
    • Meets U.S. Military and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1455 specifications for vibration, shock, drop, rain, splash, sand, dust, humidity, and salt fog

    • Operates in extreme temperatures (-30 °C to +70 °C)

    • Supports serial, USB, and Ethernet host connections, offering customers a variety of installation and configuration choices, as well as compatibility with legacy systems

    • Offers NAT capability along with routing functions for setting up static routes and port forwarding giving users flexibility in directing traffic to specific clients
    • Includes an integrated, independent 12-channel GPS (global positioning system) module for vehicle tracking

    • Offers four digital and four analog input/output ports, allowing dispatchers to monitor additional information such as speed and airbag status, thereby providing additional security for employees and company assets

    Order the AirLink MP 595W here.

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