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Sierra Wireless Adds IPsec VPN to AirLink Product Line

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  • Sierra Wireless Adds IPsec VPN to AirLink Product Line

    Sierra Wireless Adds IPsec VPN to AirLink™ Product Line

    The integration of IPSec into the ALEOS™ and the AceWare™ suite of software provides remotely configurable data security

    May 6, 2008

    VANCOUVER, B.C. – Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR - TSX: SW) today announced the addition of IPsec virtual private network (VPN) security enhancements to ALEOS™, the robust embedded intelligence available exclusively in the Sierra Wireless line of AirLink™ intelligent wireless gateways. This enhancement will greatly improve data security on the ALEOS-powered AirLink X and XT platforms, which include the Raven X, PinPoint X and Raven XT.
    With extensive capabilities like remote monitoring and configuration, packet-level diagnostics and over-the-air firmware updates, ALEOS simplifies integration, installation, operation and maintenance of any wireless data solution. Its “always-on” and “always aware” connection management capabilities are essential for today’s mission-critical applications. With the addition of IPsec VPN, ALEOS will now offer an extra layer of security to customers’ data.
    IPsec VPN provides a standards-based security solution for connecting to and managing remote assets, enabling customers to guard against unauthorized access to data. It delivers transparent end-to-end security to all applications without the need for costly software upgrades, additional equipment, or dedicated lines to the remote assets. An IP security layer at the end point ensures that IPsec VPN can be leveraged by all applications and peripherals connected to the Serial, USB or Ethernet ports of the AirLink gateways.
    “Ensuring the security of the data from enterprise assets located outside an organization’s physical facilities is a significant challenge that concerns many of our customers,” said Justin Schmid vice president of marketing and business development for the Sierra Wireless Mobile and M2M group. “The addition of IPsec VPN to ALEOS will provide additional assurance that their remote assets and sensitive data are protected against unauthorized access.”
    Leveraging the Power of ALEOS and AceWare™
    To expedite setup and configuration of IPsec VPN on AirLink devices, the enhancement has been deeply integrated with AceWare, the robust suite of tools and utilities for remote device configuration, management and control of AirLink products. The user-friendly interface ensures that administrators can quickly and easily configure their fleet of devices for enhanced data security. All changes can be made either locally (tethered to the device), or remotely from a central location.
    Customers with currently deployed compatible AirLink devices (Raven X, PinPoint X and Raven XT) can download the newest version of ALEOS with IPsec from the Sierra Wireless website at AirLink devices with IPsec VPN pre-installed are expected to be available late in the second quarter of this year.
    Key Features of ALEOS with IPSec VPN
    • Standards-based IPsec is compatible with a wide range of applications
    • Provides enhanced data security for all applications connected through a compatible Airlink gateway
    • No additional installation required
    • Simple wizard-based setup
    • Remote management, control and configuration via AceWare tools and utilities
    • Secure two-way communication channel with data encryption
    • Can be downloaded, configured and installed over-the-air for currently deployed AirLink Raven X, PinPoint X and Raven XT devices
    For more information about the Sierra Wireless AirLink product line and ALEOS, please visit

    To contact RfWeL WWAN & M2M Support call +1 (480) 218-1877.
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    How do I connect to Skype using a VPN? I just connected to my uni's VPN, and everything except for Skype and AIM works perfectly. Skype and AIM won't even let me log in. I've tried changing the proxy settings so that they match my web page settings and changing the ports to match, but it still won't work. Help? Is there any way I can get Skype and AIM to work with VPN?