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MBR1000 & Sierra Compass U597 & Antenna & MAC

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  • MBR1000 & Sierra Compass U597 & Antenna & MAC

    I have a Mac and interested in the MBR1000, it is for our home and I would like to game on it as well(xbox360). Is this compatible with mac and also serve my listed needs. I have a seirra compass U597 usb modem and I also have it coonected to an cell antenna ( Yagi) on my roof. I get really good speeds, like 65 to 70 DBMs. I want to make the right choice without complications or purchasing a router that is to extreme ( save money!). thanks

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    Yes the MBR1000 is compatible with the MAC. You can use it for gaming it just depends on how good of a cellular internet connection you have with the Sierra Compass U597 which really depends on your zipcode. If you have EVDO RevA in your area then you should be good. -65 to -70dBm of received signal strength is very good.