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AT&T Express Card getting stuck in the MBR1000

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  • AT&T Express Card getting stuck in the MBR1000

    We have had a few customers that are claiming that their AT&T ExpressCard is getting stuck in the router. What seems to be happening is the slot where the SIM card goes in is getting hung up on the express slot some how. We also have customers with the same issue that got the KR2.

    We have the issue being looked into by the manufacturer and hope to have a resolution soon. If any one else is experiencing this please post your situation

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    Solution found ....

    Here is what is happening. The slot where the sim card slides in is getting caught up on a little prong inside the express card slot. The manufacturer stated that they are modifying the design a little to solve this issue.

    If your AT&T Express Card has gotten stuck in the MBR1000 or the KR2 mobile routers here is what you have to do to get it out:

    - Take a business card that is cut to the width of the express car slot.
    - Make sure that the express card is seated all the way in the router.
    - Take the business card and slide it in as far as you can. ( This will depress the little fork that the sim card slot it getting caught up on)
    - Then hold firmly on both the express card and the business card and pull them out. It should come out fairly eaisly.

    To keep this from happening again you can just put a little piece of tape over the express card slot. That will keep it from getting caught up again.