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Clear 4G + Mac 10.5 G4 + External antenna connector

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  • Clear 4G + Mac 10.5 G4 + External antenna connector

    I'm looking to connect my Apple Mac Mini to Clear Wireless 4g service. This is for a remote site where the computer will be mounted in a shipping container running video security and other services, and thus I am trying to keep the number of power converters to a minimum to reduce complexity, power consumption, and heat. USB would be the best way to connect the wireless WAN 4G system. Due to the metal container, I need an external antenna connector that will allow me to mount a directional (and possibly an omnidirectional for multi-path, if required) on the top of the container.

    Initially, I found the Ubee PXU-1900 to be the almost-the-right solution, but I see on Clear's site that they do not have drivers for Power-PC based computers, which is what the G4 is.

    Does anyone have any other solutions? Any secret sources of Apple PXU-1900 drivers for power-PC architectures?