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Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 and USB Connect 881 Firmware Upgrades

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  • Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 and USB Connect 881 Firmware Upgrades

    There are new firmware releases available for the Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 (PC Card) and the AT&T USB Connect 881 (USB). Both releases are available for download from the Sierra Wireless support Website:

    AC881:,12,1,1 - The
    new firmware replaces the previous version

    USB 881:,13,1,1 -
    The new firmware replaces the existing version.

    Note: It is important to download the correct version of firmware for the respective device even though the new releases have the same version numbers.

    What is in the upgrades?

    1. International Band Scan Fix: Through a fix from Qualcomm, the AC881 and USB 881 now meets AT&T’s new International roaming scan requirements that enable the device to find all data-roaming partners.

    2. Nokia/Qualcomm 2G Interoperability: In certain instances in Nokia 2G markets, the AC881 and USB 881 would stop passing data even though AT&T Communication Manager says the user is still connected to network. This issue has been addressed via a fix from Qualcomm.

    3. Fixes for Base Station Frequency Drift: The devices are better able to handle network synchronization in cases where Ericsson 3G base stations have drifted off frequency.

    4. Acquisition Times: Improved 2G network acquisition times.

    What is in the upgrade for the USB Connect 881?

    Power Amp adjustment: Adjusted transmitter power cycling to protect 2G power amplifier.

    Improved interoperability with a number of PC-based applications the user has already installed onto their laptop including Roxio Digital Media Software.

    What do I need to do?

    Note: Please make sure that you download firmware version for each device.

    To determine which firmware version you have:
    1. Open AT&T Communication Manager (with Laptop Connect device inserted into laptop).

    2. Under the "Tools" header, select Diagnostics and then select GSM Info.

    3. On the "Device" tab, the version number displays under the “Firmware Version” near the bottom of the table.