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  • Slingshot High Speed Wireless Internet

    Here is a brief overview on the Slingshot:

    "The future of wireless Internet technology has arrived, and Slingshot Communications Inc. is the only company that truly sets you free from long-term obligations. Similar to traditional prepaid long-distance calling cards, there are no mandatory monthly fees, no contracts, no credit checks and no personal information required. Slingshot lets you buy what you want, use what you need. Re-charge your account as needed online or at one of our many retail locations nationwide. The ability to choose from a variety of service plans gives you total control"

    Well is this an MVNO of Sprint? Not sure. Or does it just use capacity of different carriers? If it is an MVNO of Sprint, then coverage is expected to be the same as sprints. In any case, this is EVDO so it cant roam on AT&T anyway.

    For ordering and product info click here >>>

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    Why do you overcharge for the slingshot product

    at the slingshot homepage this product only cost 249.00 plus 2 free months of usage are included with the purchase of this product.Why Do You Charge 299.00 for the same product??? Are you offering something else included with the purchase of the sling shot package???


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      slingshot price difference

      Most likely reason for any price difference would be because of recent price reductions on their part that we have not yet updated. Our sales team will look into this and is generally always willing to offer any reasonable price matches -- and this would obviously be one occassion where a price match would be in order.

      We also have a booster antenna and antenna adapter bundle kit for their modem but i believe that's priced separately. This is available here: (same product as the Sprint novatel U727).

      Finally we do offer various value-adding knowledge-base, experience and accessories to go along with any EVDO modem such as cellular RF bidirectional amplifiers (useful for areas with low received signals strength), cellular routers(useful for sharing the single modem between several users or multiple client devices), high gain antennas, wireless bridges etc.
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