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Change LTE Module in BandLuxe R550 (R558C)

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  • Change LTE Module in BandLuxe R550 (R558C)

    The cell tower near me upgraded to LTE but it seems my modem doesn't support the band the tower uses. My friend has a phone through the same carrier as me and they have 3-5 bars of LTE while I can only receive HSPA+ from the same tower. I used the LTE Discovery App and it says that phone is using 700MHz Band 17 and OpenSignal points in the direction of that tower. On my R550's box it states it supports LTE Band 2 and Band 4 but not 17. What controls the bands it supports? It has a PCI-E WWAN Module in it and it can be removed, could it be changed out with a module that supports 700 MHz Band 17?