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New Option to Take Calls While in Data Session

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  • New Option to Take Calls While in Data Session

    Between Friday, November 9, 2007 and January 31, 2008, Alltel will activate CPOP (Circuit Precedence over Packet) functionality on all Nortel and Lucent switches.

    CPOP will improve the Customer Service experience by giving Customers the ability to answer a voice call while in a data session, instead of the call rolling directly to their voicemail.

    CPOP is free and will automatically be added to the subscriber profiles in the eSM during provisioning. All existing Customers will have the feature added via programmed bulk load.

    CPOP will not work in Motorola markets until the switches have been updated which is scheduled tentatively for February 2008.

    CPOP may not work if the Customer is roaming outside of our network, particularly in the Sprint network.

    How CPOP Works

    During a 1xRTT data call, CPOP automatically places the Customer’s data session in a dormant state when notification is given of an incoming voice call from the switch.
    The Customer can choose to either answer the call or remain in their data session by prompts on their handset screen.
    If the Customer chooses not to answer the call, it will be routed to voicemail.
    After the answered voice call has ended, the user is able to bring the data session back to an active mode.
    During an EVDO data call, voice calls will terminate to the handset regardless of CPOP status (active or not active).
    In this case the Customer can either answer the voice call, or ignore it and let it time out to voicemail.

    Most handsets, with the exception of the Palm Treo 650 and UTStarcom/Audiovox PPC6700, return to the data session automatically when the call ends, caller hangs up, or by pushing end.

    Activating CPOP

    When CPOP is automatically added, it is “on” or “active”. Customers/reps do not have to do anything to turn it on. The following are steps in case the Customer wants to manually turn it on or off themselves.

    Customers can activate CPOP by dialing *59 from their handset
    Customers can disable CPOP by dialing *590 from their handset.
    During downtime and/or when troubleshooting Customers issues, Tech Support can update Customers through the eSM by checking or un-checking the “CPOP Auth” and “CPOP Act” fields on the subscriber profile.

    Returning to a Data Session on the Palm Treo 650 & UTStarcom/Audiovox PPC6700

    Palm Treo 650
    Complete Voice call by pressing "hang up all" on display
    Press the "home" key on the keypad
    Press the web icon to re-launch the data session
    UTStarcom/Audiovox PPC6700
    The user must hit 'X' to get back to their data session
    When the call ends in this device, it prompts the user to push "x"
    LG AX245 Information

    LG AX245 software version, T24ATV03, will not work with CPOP. This handset will power cycle itself, if the Customer receives a voice call while in a data session. Also, the LG AX245 is not FOTA capable, so Customers should be advised to visit a retail location to have the software updated to version T24ATV08 or T24ATV09, which will allow CPOP to work properly.