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Verizon Unlimited Data Saga

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  • Verizon Unlimited Data Saga

    Verizon wireless has terminated 1,000,000 customers for using too much of the "Unlimited Data" that they paid to use. You might be thinking the same thing, how is that possible? Guess who else has that same question? The Attorney General’s office. Verizon Wireless was investigated by The Attorney General. The investigation found that Verizon wireless was quick to advertise that you can get unlimited NationalAccess and BroadbandAccess for only 59.99 a month. What they didn't advertise was their *Excessive Use Policy for their UNLIMITED plan!!! They also didn't advertise the **Hidden Restrictions the Unlimited plan had either.

    So much for an unlimited plan, huh?

    *“Excessive use” of Unlimited Plans resulted in abrupt terminations. Verizon Wireless terminated heavy internet users claiming that the high levels of usage could only have been attained by activities, such as “streaming or downloading movies and video” prohibited by the terms and conditions. These usage restrictions were not clearly and conspicuously disclosed to consumers and directly contradicted the promise of “unlimited” service. Customers found their accounts abruptly terminated for excessive use, leaving them without internet services and unable to obtain refunds for their wireless access cards and cell phones.

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    "It's the network!"